About Amber

Author, Amber Lehman


At age 22, I began researching and writing what would become the novel TORN. My writing occurred during a chaotic period in my life and I was often forced to set aside writing time to tend to family and personal matters. It was 5 years before TORN was completed to my satisfaction. It went through too many stages to count, and to be honest, the end result was quite different than what was originally an 1100 page novel. After years of setting it aside, I finally revisited it and it was trimmed down to the 404 pages you now see. Then I waited another 9 years before I got the courage to publish it. Although  TORN is closer to what I like to call “faction” than fiction, TORN draws upon experiences from my life as I observed and participated in the social dramas surrounding my friends lives and my past relationships.

A native of southern California, I love to write and illustrate every chance I get. I spend most of my days conversing with my cat, Mouse. As a former competitive gymnast and coach, I’m still an avid fan of the sport! I enjoy German culture and language, and while it’s no secret that I hold a special affinity for the LGBTQ community, I do also look forward to writing books in many different genres.