Researching Possibilities for my Latest Novel

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Well, if a renovated site wasn’t enough to be excited for, I have another “something new” planned that I’m very excited about coming up! I’ve discovered a website called which allows you to launch new products, inventions—almost anything—as long as it’s creative. So I thought what better way to test the waters and create my upcoming book Boy out of Bounds through Kickstarter! I like this idea because it allows others—the readers—to be involved in the process of creating the book as well. And it offers cool rewards to those who choose to get involved. Right now I’m at the beginning stages of figuring it all out, but I just wanted to share with you what project is likely to come next. I’ll be sure to let you know more as I learn more myself. Right now I’m trying to dream up cool rewards for everyone, so this may take some time! LOL. But anyway, that’s the gist of what’s happening now. I’ll have more info for you shortly! Take care and I’ll talk to you soon! 🙂